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Dr Gresley Wakelin-King Academic, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

In the drylands, the landscape processes that govern water distribution are the ultimate underpinning of all habitat.
I’m a drylands process geomorphologist: I specialise in the landscape evolution and fluvial behaviours of Australia’s rangelands. My particular research interests are the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin and the Bulloo-Bancannia catchment. I’ve been working in these locations since my Honours work in 1984. I’ve always been interested in geomorphology and sedimentology. My early career work (regional mapping for the Northern Territory Geological Survey) coincided with volunteer work with the Arid Lands Environment Centre, where I learnt about the challenges and rewards of sustainable rangelands management. After my doctoral work (fluvial process analysis of Fowlers Creek, western New South Wales), all the strands came together into my present endeavour: landscape process analysis at all scales, producing management-ready information for rangeland stakeholders.


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