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Gabrielle Hodge Academic, CRLD

Gabrielle specialises in the linguistics of deaf signed languages. She earned her PhD in Linguistics from Macquarie University in 2014. Her doctoral research used the Auslan corpus to investigate how to identify and describe clause structure in signed languages. Most recently she worked with Dr. Adam Schembri, Dr. Kazuki Sekine and Prof. Trevor Johnston to develop the multimodal Auslan and Australian English corpus for the ARC-funded project "When do gestures become linguistic? Understanding the gesture-language interface through corpus-based studies of pointing actions in signed languages". (DP140102124). Gabrielle has also worked on a number of community-oriented language projects, including the adaptation of the Auslan assessment tool for deaf children at La Trobe University, and the development of evidence-based Auslan translation standards and production guidelines at Melbourne Polytechnic. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher working with Dr. Kearsy Cormier on the BSL Corpus Project at the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre at University College London. Her research interests include corpus linguistics and the semiotics of multimodal signed and spoken language use.


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