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Professor Gregory Murphy Emeritus Professor, Public Health

I have a long-standing interest in the application of psychology to such diverse fields as those of work, rehabilitation, management, education and sport. Most recently I have concentrated my research on vocational rehabilitation following serious physical impairment. I am currently involved in two research projects investigating (a) the social support needs of those living with spinal cord injury (b) the factors involved in job loss following return to work post spinal cord injury. I am currently supervising higher degree students whose research is in the following areas:

job attitudes of nurses
predictors of return to work following occupational injury
consumer satisfaction with a health service provider
occupational stress among traffic policemen.

I am available to supervise research and would be happy to discuss possible topics with post-graduate students interested in the areas of rehabilitation, organizational behaviour and vocational behaviour.

Please contact me for further details of my research and teaching interests.


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