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Dr Greg Dingle Lecturer - Sport Management, Sports Management

Greg Dingle, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in Sport Management in the Department of Management, Sport and Tourism in the La Trobe Business School, and an associate of the Centre for Sport and Social Impact at La Trobe University

Greg's expertise is in sport management, climate change, sport & environmental sustainability, and Education for Sustainability (EfS). Greg's primary research focus is climate change impacts, risks, vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation. I have a particular interest in sport-climate research in the Indo-Pacific/Asia-Pacific region.

Greg has published refereed articles in the International Journal of Sport Marketing & Sponsorship, the International Journal of Environmental Sustainability, and Managing Sport and Leisure.
Greg has also co-edited the forthcoming Routledge book, Sport and Environmental Sustainability: Research and Strategic Management. He has also authored book chapters in the Routledge Handbook of Sport and the Environment, the SAGE Handbook of Sport Management, and Event management in Sport, Recreation and Tourism: Theoretical and Practical Dimensions

• Research grant (2019): $3,500. SER RFA Collaboration Enabling Scheme
• Research grant (2016): $48,234. La Trobe University Sport, Exercise and
Rehabilitation (SER) Research Focus Area (RFA) Major Projects Scheme
• Research grant (2016): $5,520. SER RFA Collaboration Enabling Scheme
• Research grant (2015): $4,635. La Trobe Business School (LBS) Internal Research
Grant Scheme (IRGS), to collect data on the impacts of climate change on
community sport in Victoria

His Ph.D. research examined the implications of climate change for major Australian sport stadia, while his current post-doctoral research is investigating the impacts and risks of climate, and climate change, on community sport

His teaching currently includes sport management, sport policy, and sustainability problems and thinking, and he has previously convened and taught sustainability and climate change for sport management. Greg has also taught Volunteer Management and Event Management in Singapore at SIM University

• 2020: Affiliate Member, Sport Ecology Group
• 2019: Contributor to Sport Environment Alliance (SEA) review of literature pertaining to sport and greenhouse gas
• 2015: Member of the Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA) Climate Working Group (PLA's Position Paper on Climate Change)
• Reviewer for sport management journals
• Media interviews: for media outlets including Climate Wire: The Politics and Business of Climate Change, and The
Canberra Times


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