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Professor Glynda Kinsella Emeritus Professor, Psychology

Glynda Kinsella is Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, School of Psychology & Public Health and coordinator of the Postgraduate Training Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology, La Trobe University.

Glynda has received national and university awards for her excellence in teaching (2007, 2008) and led a postgraduate team teaching award in 2009. Glynda is a registered Clinical Neuropsychologist and holds a consulting appointment in the Psychology Department, Caulfield General Medical Centre, Melbourne.

Glynda is a founding member of the La Trobe-Caulfield Hospital research group (LaTCH) that developed the LaTCH Memory Group program for older people with memory concerns. Glynda's research interests include the neuropsychological assessment and management of memory and attention in healthy ageing, and also in mild cognitive impairment, associated with early Alzheimer's disease or traumatic brain injury.


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