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Dr Gregoria Manzin Lecturer in Italian Studies, Italian

Honours Coordinator - Languages and Linguistics, Classics and Ancient History

Before moving to Australia in 2004, Gregoria studied foreign languages and literature (German, English and Spanish) in Turin, Italy. She specialised in the teaching of Italian language and literature to non-Italian speakers, as well as translation. She completed the last two years of her Bachelor degree with Honours at the University of Cologne in Germany. Gregoria joined the Department of Languages and Linguistics at La Trobe University at the end of 2015. She previously taught at the University of Melbourne (2013-2015), and at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne (2008-2013) where she also convened the Italian program (2009-2012).

Gregoria's PhD focused on contemporary Italian literature and women's studies. In this research project she investigated the identity crisis linked to the post-WWII handing over of two Italian provinces (Istria and Dalmatia) to former Yugoslavia. The project was theoretically framed in the area of border studies but utilised a body of theory drawing from trauma and memory studies, as well as theories of witnessing. The encompassing discussion on identity was specifically supported by the work of Italian philosopher Adriana Cavarero, while the theme of displacement and loss of one's homeland was analysed through theories of human geography and psychoanalysis.

Gregoria continues with her work on contemporary Italian literature and is particularly interested in the question of identity in the field of migrant, postcolonial and transnational literature. She engages in a broad series of cultural activities related to Italian. She is a regular contributor to radio SBS Italian.

Gregoria's academic interest in German and Spanish literature is apparent in her activities as a poetry translator. Her translations into Italian of poems by contemporary German poet Sarah Kirsch have been published in the Italian journals Leggendaria and Il segnale. In 2017 Bonaccorso published her translation of Paola Gonzalez Sepulveda's Vestigia di Postumia, a collection of poems dedicated to the Italian town of Verona (originally published in Spanish as Vestigios de Postumia, Evohe 2014).

Gregoria is also a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Spunti e Ricerche (an Australian peer-reviewed journal in Italian Studies with international circulation; ISSNs 0816-5432; 2200-8942), and editor of preschool and early years readers in the Italian Series of the Lemos Books Project sponsored and published by the Research Unit for Multiculturalism and Cross-Cultural Communication (RUMACCC) led by Prof. John Hajek (University of Melbourne).

ITA3005 Italian 5
ITA3006 Italian 6
ITA4007 Italian 7
ITA4008 Italian 8
ITA2TSI Transgression & Subversion in Italian Culture
EST3TET Trans-European Translation
HUS3STT Sicily through the Ages (intensive overseas)
LLH4RMS Languages and Linguistics Research Methods Seminars (Hononours)


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