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Professor Gordon Walker Emeritus Professor, Law School Operations

Dr Gordon Walker, SJD (Duke) is an Emeritus Professor of La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia; Adjunct Professor at Curtin University School of Law; Visiting Professor, University of Padua Law School, Italy, and an advisor to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) designated as International Business Law Expert and International Financial Sector Expert. His research contracts at the ADB principally involve law reform in the areas of securities regulation, company, secured transactions and Fintech within the Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI-III) in the South Pacific.

Professor Walker was formerly Professor of Law, Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar (2015-2016); Professor of Commercial Law (1999-2015) and Head of Law School (2004-7) at La Trobe University School of Law; Paul Hastings Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University School of Law (2006); Wallace Fujiyama Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii (2008 and 2010); Visiting Professor (MBA program) at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2009); Visiting Faculty, Duke University Law School Summer School Program in Hong Kong (2010); Visiting Professor at the University of Houston Law Centre (2009-16); Adjunct Professor at Texas Tech University School of Law (2009-16) and Consultant to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London, UK (2011-12). He has published widely on securities regulation and is best known internationally for the twin multi-volume treatises on international securities regulation published by Westlaw in the USA - the eight volume treatise, International Securities Regulation and the five volume treatise, International Securities Regulation Pacific Rim.

Qatar Research Contract (2018)
• Application to the Qatar National Priorities Research Fund with written support from industry in Qatar (including QFC) for an NPRP-Standard (11th Cycle) grant of USD579, 000. Applicant Team comprised Professor Douglas Arner of HKU, Professor Ross Buckley of UNSW, Drs Dahdal and Truby of Qatar University and Professor Dr GR Walker (all as Principal Investigators). Application Number NPRP11S-1119-170016. Qatar National Grant Application title: “FinTech and RegTech: Building a Resilient, Inclusive and Competitive Legal and Regulatory Framework for 21st Century Finance in Qatar”. Award granted 20 November 2018.

Recent Asian Development Bank Research Contracts (2015 onwards)
• Capital Markets law reform in five South Pacific nations under TA REG 8378 2014 (2015).
• Fundraising Law reform in Fiji under the Companies Act 2015 (Fiji). Report to Reserve Bank of Fiji under TA REG 8378 (February 2016).
• Regulatory and Strategic Review of South Pacific Stock Exchange under TA REG 8378 (March 2016).
• Framework Contract Task Order: Review of South Pacific Stock Exchange LRs (December 2017).
• Framework Contract Task Order: Review of PNG capital markets under TA REG 8378 as International Financial Law Expert (IFLE) with a view to introducing new alternative finance platforms in Papua New Guinea (February 2018 ongoing).
• Framework Task Order: Review Vanuatu capital markets under TA REG 8378 as IFLE with a view to capital market law reform in the Republic of Vanuatu (October 2018).


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