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Gemma Zerna Graduate Researcher, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

I am a PhD candidate undergoing research to improve livestock animal health. I am working on a vaccine to negate the effects of liver fluke, an internal parasite that reduces welfare and the production of cattle, sheep and goats. My key focus is on vaccine formulation and developing novel ways to deliver parasite antigens to the host immune system to stimulate an optimal response.

Improving animal health and on-farm productivity is a major interest of mine. I have been able to pursue this passion within the Beddoe and Spithill laboratories, which focus on livestock-pathogen interactions and biochemistry in the Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Science within the Centre of Agribiosciences (AgriBio).

I have also enjoyed demonstrating lab practicals and workshops during my PhD, along with being part of the AgriBio student society and departmental student representative teams.


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