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Dr Helen Yang Senior Lecturer - Accounting, Accounting

Helen Yang joined La Trobe Business School in 2019. Helen has brought to her role as an accounting academic, an additional advantage, her knowledge of China. Prior to her appointment, Helen held academic positions at a number of Australian and Chinese universities, including transnational program coordinator and Discipline Head of Accounting & Information Systems at Victoria University, a role that she held until recently.

Helen actively connects with industry and accounting profession as a member of CPA Australia. She was a Technical Reviewer of CPA Program – Financial Reporting. Helen’s contribution to the scholarship of international accounting teaching and learning has been recognised nationally at the 2013 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Helen conducts quality interdisciplinary research in the fields of accounting, auditing and accountability and higher education. She publishes in top-tiered international journals as a lead author. Helen has also been successful in a number of national and industry competitive research grants (including Australian Government OLT grants and CPA Australia Global Research Perspectives Grant) as the Lead Investigator.

Through connecting applied accounting discipline-specific research with education research, Helen has engaged students and contributed to her continuous professional development as an academic.


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