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Dr Hayder Al-Aubaidy Senior Lecturer in Human Anatomy, Physiology Anatomy & Microbiology

Dr Hayder Al-Aubaidy is the Course Coordinator of the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program, as well as Senior Lecturer at the School of Life Sciences, La Trobe University. His research interest is in the field of early detection and prevention of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. He is investigating the anti-inflammatory, lipid lowering and glucose lowering effects of several nutraceutical compounds which can be used in prediabetes and /or early stage type 2 diabetes to control (and revert) diabetes complications. He is also looking into the interplay of several biochemical markers associated with poor diabetes outcome which may precipitate the development of diabetes complications including cardiovascular disease.

Dr Al-Aubaidy has been researching in this field for the last 16 years and he published over 50 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is collaborating with both national and international research teams and he supervised several research high degree students on multiple relevant research topics.


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