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Dr Helena Richardson Principal Research Fellow, Office of Molecular Sci

Dr Helena Richardson is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow level B and a Group Leader at La Trobe Institute of Molecular Sciences, Melbourne Australia (July 2015-), after working at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Melbourne) from 2000-June 2015. She uses the vinegar fly, Drosophila, to model tumourigenesis, with the vision of understanding how regulators of cell polarity and the actin cytoskeleton impact on cell signalling and cell proliferation, a field in which she is internationally recognised. She collaborates with mammalian researchers to translate her findings to mouse and human cancer models.

Dr Richardson received her PhD at Adelaide University (1987), then carried out postdoctoral research with Dr Steven Reed at Scripps Research Institute (CA, USA) on the control of cell proliferation in yeast and then with Dr Patrick O'Farrell at University of California, San Francisco (CA, USA), on cell proliferation in Drosophila. She then worked in association with Dr Robert Saint on Drosophila cell proliferation and collaborated with Dr Sharad Kumar on Drosophila cell death, in Adelaide, SA (1990-2000) before being recruited to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Dr Richardson has been invited/selected to speak at 50 institutes and at 57 conferences (including Keystone, Gordon and ESF/EMBO), organized 23 conferences including 2 international, chaired 23 conference sessions including at 2 international meetings. Dr Richardson has 81 papers/abstracts, ~5,700 citations, ~70 average citations per paper and a h index of 36 (Web of Science, Nov 23 2015) or h index of 42 (Google Scholar, Nov 23 2015).

Dr Richardson has supervised 17 Honours (16 completed), 4 Masters (2 completed, 1 pending), 16 PhD (11 completed, 1 pending) and 13 visiting international students, and 14 postdocs have been trained in A/Prof Richardson's lab, and 3 of these personnel have now set up their own labs, 2 internationally.


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