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Hannah Robert Senior Lecturer, Law Melbourne

Hannah Robert joined the La Trobe Law School as a Lecturer in 2010. Her research examines questions of recognition within law - of legal parentage, of legal personhood in the context of pregnancy, and of Aboriginal rights in land in the context of colonisation. Prior to joining La Trobe, Hannah has taught in the History Department at the University of Melbourne, the Law School at the University of Newcastle, and worked as a solicitor in two commercial firms in Sydney, practicing primarily in commercial litigation and dispute resolution (including contract disputes, insolvency, trade practices, tax and a small number of intellectual property and family provision act matters).

Her Masters thesis was in legal history and concerned the notions of property and indigenous rights in land used by colonizers in Victoria and South Australia in the early 19th century. Her PhD thesis on Legal Parentage, bio-genetic parentage and children's perspectives in family law judgments won the Melbourne Law School Harold Luntz Graduate Research Thesis Prize.

Hannah is involved in an interdisciplinary project with Dr Fiona Kelly and Dr Jennifer Power, funded by the Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area at La Trobe University, which involves a socio-legal study of the evolving concept of legal parentage in Australian family law and its connections with children's best interests. She also researches legal understandings of pregnancy and personhood, particularly in the context of fetal death.

She has published two books: Paved With Good Intentions: Terra Nullius, Aboriginal Land Rights and Settler-Colonial Law (Halstead, 2016) and Baby lost: a story of grief and hope (Melbourne University Press, 2017)


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