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Dr Hannah Schurholz Lecturer, Hallmark Program, Hallmark

My role as associate lecturer in the LTU Hallmark Program connects subject and program development tasks, teaching, subject coordination and research. It also includes a wide range of enrichment activities, including the organisation and facilitation of orientation programs, team building days, internship programs, international study tours and program seminar days. I'm teaching and co-coordinating the Hallmark subjects HMK1TER, HMK1COR, HMK2RBD and HMK2RIA. As the Hallmark subjects are also taught at Bendigo, I am familiar with teaching across campuses via videoconferencing, zoom and Skype.

With a background in English and Australian literature, I have been involved with teaching seminars for the Future Ready Foundation subjects HUS1FAS and HUS1TEN and a range of selected first-year subjects in the LTU English Program.


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