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Dr Ian Potter Senior Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr Potter completed his PhD on the 'Synthesis of some copper(I) tetrahydroborates and related silver (I) compounds: Reactivity with carbon dioxide and small heteroallene-like molecules' from La Trobe University under the supervision of Associate Professor Bruce James. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the Centre for Scientific Instrumentation, La Trobe University during 1997-98 working on industry research contracts, specifically: Polymer membranes for the extraction of copper (BHP Research), and Polymer technologies for the extraction of gold from ground waters (Advantage Geochemical Solutions). He was appointed as a Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, La Trobe University in 2003.

Dr Potter served as Head of Chemistry from 2009 until the end of 2014. During this transformative time for the department with the appointment of new staff to replace long-serving staff, he oversaw the design of the chemistry teaching and research facilities in the new La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science building. He also managed an extensive renewal of the chemistry curriculum to meet university expectations and satisfy professional (the Royal Australian Chemical Institute) requirements.

Dr Potter has been the science course coordinator for a number of single and double degree courses (listed below) since the start of 2006 and 2010, respectively. He has also been the course advisor for students completing a Law/Science (LWLSC) or Commerce/Science (LZCOMS) double degree since 2010.
2006 – Present. Bachelor of Science (SBS), Bachelor of Science with Honours (SHS), Graduate Diploma in Science (SGSC), Bachelor of Chemical Sciences (SBCHS) (withdrawn since 2105), Bachelor of Chemical Sciences with Honours (SBCSC)
2010 – Present. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Science (SZSS), Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (SZAS), Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Accounting (SZSC) (until 2015, now LZCOMS)


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