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Dr Jake Chandler Senior Research Fellow, Comp Sci & Info Tech

My research focuses principally on understanding the nature of rational choice and inference - that is, on clarifying the conditions under which a given set of data would warrant the drawing of a given conclusion, or the choice of a given course of action. This work spans a broad range of areas, including philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophical logic, artificial intelligence and decision theory.

I have recently been seconded to the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology, where I am carrying out a four-year ARC Future Fellowship project, titled `Qualitative Models of Rationality: Philosophical Foundations and Applications'. I will return to my substantive position in Politics & Philosophy in June 2021.

Prior to arriving at La Trobe, I held positions at various European institutions. I was most recently Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Mathematical Philosophy at Ludwig Maximillians University in Munich, where I still hold a visiting appointment. Before this, I was Adam Smith Visiting Professor in Philosophy and Economics at the University of Bayreuth, Research Fellow at the University of Leuven and Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. I also spent some time at the London School of Economics as a Visiting Fellow.

I am available to supervise research students in the following areas:
- Formal epistemology (including: philosophy of statistics and scientific method, belief revision, judgment aggregation).
- Philosophical logic (including: conditionals, deontic modalities).
- Decision theory.


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