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Professor James Maxwell Professor in Engineering, Engineering

Prof. Maxwell's research interests include the development of novel fibres, advanced composites, hierarchical materials, and self-organizing systems--where possible, employing naturally-sourced/sustainable materials. His interests also include the synthesis, structure, and properties of materials under extreme conditions, e.g. ultra-short time-scales and extreme pressures. His laboratory develops novel processes, e.g. hyperbaric-pressure laser chemical vapour deposition, ultra-high pressure diamond anvil cells, pulsed power material synthesis, & compact X-ray sources. He also conducts research and develops instruments for high-energy observational astrophysics/space science. Prof. Maxwell conducts basic and applied research, writes patents, and develops novel intellectual property. An experimentalist at heart, he enjoys developing advanced interdisciplinary experimental systems and production prototypes for science, industry, and economic development. Currently he teaches advanced graduate-level advanced materials, nanotechnology, and nano/micro engineering subjects.


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