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James O'Sullivan Graduate Researcher, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

My main research interests include plant nutrition and belowground cycle of C and nutrients. Currently I am completing my PhD which explores how rising atmospheric CO2 concentration affect the uptake and use of phosphorus in crop species. I aim to explore the mechanisms by which plants access various pools of phosphate from soil and how these mechanisms are influence by increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations. I also have interests in how elevated CO2 and phosphorus interact to affect the nutrition of other nutrients such as nitrogen, iron and zinc. I also have experience in soil C cycling, particularly rhizosphere priming effects.

Beyond the realm of my PhD I have received a number of awards. These awards include the Frank Gibbon Award essay competition (Soil Science Australia, 2016), La Trobe Student Union Silver Scholarship (2018), National Soils Conference Travel Bursary (Soil Science Australia, 2018) and the Intellectual Climate Fund Grant (La Trobe Graduate Research School, 2018).

Lastly I am a committee member of the Victorian Branch of Soil Science Australia. I have helped organise events such field days where we examined soil profiles to look at agricultural land use, regulatory requirements in agriculture and soil development. I also serve as the President of the AgriBio Student Society which hosts events to improve student life. Lastly I participate in science outreach programs for both La Trobe University and Agriculture Victoria.


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