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Dr Jasim Al-Rawi Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Pharmacy & Biomedical Sci

Dr Jasim Al-Rawi completed his undergraduate in chemistry from Bagdad University 1967 and his PhD from Surrey University UK in 1973 in the field of heterocyclic synthesis. He was offered two years (Sep. 1973/74 and July 1975/76) post-doctoral fellowship at Surrey University, UK, in Professor John Elvidge lab working on the tritium labeling of organic molecules and the development the of tritium NMR and some of its applications. In 1976 Jasim moved back to Iraq (1976 -1990) and become involved in a range of different areas of research such as heterocyclic synthesis and the development of some NMR techniques .From 1990-1999 Jasim was professor of organic/pharmaceutical chemistry, teaching in Sana’a University, yamen for 4 years and 5 years in Medical Arab University Benghazi Libya,. Since 2001 Jasim joined School of Molecular Sciences, Department of Pharmacy and Applied Science Latrobe University. Jasim is interested in the synthesis of novel heterocyclic drugs like compounds as DNA-PK, PI3K and PDE3 inhibitors and the treatment of cancer. In 1985 Jasim was awarded the young Arab scientist and published over 100 publications.

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