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Dr Joon Lim Lecturer in Human Anatomy, Physiology Anatomy & Microbiology

Dr Joon (Kyungjoon) Lim is an Early/Mid-Career Researcher who is renowned as an emerging young scientist for his work on neural regulation of arterial pressure.
Dr Lim completed his PhD training in 2011 at Monash University, focusing on the developmental origin of adult disease (DoHAD) in intrauterine growth restriction model. Since completing his PhD, Dr Lim began his post-doc training at Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute as the NHMRC Early Career Fellow.

In 2017, Dr Lim joined the Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Microbiology at La Trobe University and established his own group (Neurophysiology). Dr Lim mastered techniques to measure renal sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) in conscious rabbits using renal electrodes and chronic microinjection techniques into the different regions of the brain are his expertise.
Dr Lim's current research focus is trans-generational obesity-related hypertension. In particular, his research aims to prevent / treat 'programming' of hypertension in the offspring of obese parents.


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