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Professor Jennifer McIntosh Prof of Systemic Practice (Fam Therapy), Bouverie Centre

Jenn is Professor of Systemic Practice (Family Therapy) at the Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University and is a clinical and developmental psychologist, family therapist, and researcher. She has a particular interest in research translation and making developmental theories “user friendly”, enabling parents, carers and professionals to consider the experience of children more sensitively in the context of family trauma. Jenn has a strong publication and category 1-4 grant track. In 2019, Professor McIntosh was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia for her contribution to child developmental psychology.

Over 30 years, Jenn has completed extensive training and research programs for the Australian Attorney General’s Department, the Family Court of Australia, Department of Health and Human Services, Office for the Status of Women, and national family services including Relationships Australia and Anglicare. Her interests as a researcher and educator in parenting and childhood trauma arise from a blend of clinical and research experiences. Studies and work in Australia, the UK and the USA have focussed on the experiences of children subject to attachment trauma and loss, particularly examining the effects of parental deprivation and conflict in early childhood and the experiences of children in foster care

Jenn is also Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Deakin University, where she led the perinatal science stream of the Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development, 2015-2019. She is a Fellow of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, and in this role, directs the Australian Temperament Project Generation 3’s Melbourne Attachment and Caregiving Lab (the ATP MAC Lab).


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