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Professor Jan Nicholson Prof, Transition to Contemp. Parenthood, Judith Lumley Centre

Jan Nicholson was appointed as the Inaugural Roberta Holmes Professor in 2014 to establish a research program around the transition to parenthood in contemporary society. She brings extensive experience in longitudinal studies of the effects of family, socioeconomic and institutional (services, school and workplace) influences on the health and wellbeing of parents and children, and the development and evaluations of community-based programs for preventing family-related health problems.

Jan is a Consortium Advisory Group member and Design Team Leader for the Department of Social Services' study 'Growing Up in Australia - the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children'. She has established a national group of early career and senior researchers examining the trajectories and effects of mothers' and fathers' parenting and mental health, the effects of mothers' and fathers' work on parents and children, socioeconomic inequalities in health and development, the determinants, trajectories and health care costs of common childhood disorders including child mental health, language, literacy, obesity and oral health.


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