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Dr Jason Paxman Research Fellow, Biochemistry

Dr Jason Paxman is a senior postdoctoral researcher within the group led by Dr Begoña Heras. He has a strong interest in deciphering the mechanisms of action of bacterial virulence factors using X-ray crystallography. During his PhD at Monash University Australia he revealed for the first time how DsbA, a key bacterial virulence regulator, binds and folds a plethora of bacterial virulence factors. Past appointments include CSIRO, The University of Melbourne and the Australian Synchrotron. Career highlights include developing anti-anthrax agents for the U.S. Department of Defence and being awarded an Australian Synchrotron Fellowship. His current work includes determining the mechanisms of action for one of the largest groups of bacterial virulence factors the autotransporters.

2019 La Trobe University Strategic Innovation Fund; Heras B, Paxman JJ.
2019 Millers Postdoctoral Travel Fellowship; Paxman JJ.
2019 President's Fund Travel Award Society for Applied Microbiology; Paxman JJ.
2018 La Trobe University RFA grant, Fighting bacterial infections - understanding and preventing biofilms. Paxman JJ.
2018 La Trobe University, RFA Small Project Grant Liaskos M, Heras B, Paxman JJ. Elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of NOD1.
2018 American Society for Microbiology Travel Award Paxman JJ
2018 LIMS Special Assistance Travel Award Grant Paxman JJ
2016 CASS Foundation Travel Award Grant Paxman JJ
2016 LIMS Postdoctoral Travel Award Grant Paxman JJ
2016 La Trobe University RFA Small Project Grant Heras B, Paxman JJ, Schembri MA. Defining and inhibiting the mechanisms of action for bacterial autotransporters
2012-13 Australian Synchrotron Research Program Fellowship Paxman JJ

Heras B, Paxman J.J et al., International Patent PCT/AU2019/050893 Compositions and methods for reducing bacterial aggregation

International Standing: Since 2016 I have been an invited/selected speaker at 19 conferences/research seminars including: 2019 Eurobiofilms, 2019 INRA/UCA France, 2019 University of Wroclaw Poland, 2019 Federation of European Microbiologists Conference, 2018 U.S. Federal Drug and Administration Facility, 2018 Gordon Microbial Toxins and Pathogenicity, 2018 Lorne Infection and Immunity, 2018 Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, 2018 La Trobe University Departmental Seminar, ComBio 2017, 2017 VU University Amsterdam, 2017 Pasteur Institute France, 2017 42nd Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function, 2016 LIMS Fellows Research Symposium, 2016 Australian Synchrotron User Meeting, 2016 4th Melbourne Protein Group Postdoctoral Symposium, 2016 Gordon Bacterial Cell Surfaces Conference, 2016 University of Pennsylvania.

Media: Einstein A Go-Go RRR interview 2019