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Jennifer Pitman Research Fellow, Public Health

Jennifer is a Research Fellow at the La Trobe School of Psychology and Public Health and a Lecturer in Economics. With a background in Economics, Commerce, Finance, and Management, she held a range of senior and management roles as an economic analyst and policy advisor before joining La Trobe University (Mildura) in 2019.

Jennifer recently completed an economic analysis of the ‘Virtual Dementia Friendly Rural Communities: VERILY Project’ in collaboration with the John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing and Aged Care Research, and is currently working on an economic analysis and evaluation of a study comparing learning and social outcomes of preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder receiving early intervention in inclusive versus segregated settings. Jennifer is also currently involved in research into barriers and facilitators to cognitive screening in regional health services.

Jennifer is interested in the economic evaluation of health and social policies and interventions, particularly in areas related to education, environment and socioeconomics.


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