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Jordan Plotnek Graduate Researcher, Comp Sci & Info Tech

Jordan is a PhD Candidate at La Trobe University, completing a thesis titled: 'A Resilience Framework for Cyber-Physical Terrorism against the Smart Grid'. He is also a Visiting Academic at Concordia University and a Lead Cybersecurity Scientist at the Centre of Research and Technology in Artificial Intelligence eXpertise (cortAIx) in Montréal.

His work background has been in numerous technical, consulting, research, and managerial roles across a wide variety of industries and technologies, focusing on the cybersecurity of safety-critical cyber-physical systems – including having led the first Australian Air Force cyber deployment to the Middle East, in support of the war against ISIS.

Jordan's research interests are centred around cyber resilience, cyber-kinetic conflict, and the cybersecurity of AI and IoT dependent critical infrastructure.


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