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Dr Jo Rayner Senior Research Fellow, AustCtrEvidBaseAgedCare

Jo Rayner has been a Senior Research Fellow in the Australia Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC), as part of the Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing, since 2014.
Jo has worked on several research projects related ageing and the care of older people, especially those with dementia, including evaluation of three residential in reach services in Melbourne; evaluation of Montessori activities for people with dementia attending planned activity groups; and the development and piloting of performance measures for residential aged care services. She has also contributed to the development and piloting of information and education packages for carers of older people - both family carers and care workers; and is committed to working collaboratively across disciplines to address the issues related to improving the care of older people.
Jo has experience and expertise in a range of qualitative methods, extensive experience in project management and the writing of high quality research reports and journal articles for publication.


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