Jonathan Rooney Graduate Researcher, Graduate Research School

Jonathan Rooney has been an educator within the Catholic Education sector for over 10 years. He is currently teaching at St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School in the Northern Melbourne suburb of Reservoir. He is working as a Research Engagement Leader as part of Catholic Education Melbourne’s pilot Research Lead program. In this role, he supports the staff to develop strategies to use peer-reviewed research to improve their craft. He has worked in a range of other leadership roles working as the Community and Family Engagement Leader as well as Leader of Education in Faith.

He has research interests in creating the conditions were students are able to develop into self-regulated life-long learners. His current thesis study seeks to expand the current field of practice into Self-Regulatory Learning strategies through utilising qualitative research methodology seen through a critical paradigm. It is hoped that this will support schools to create democratic learning environments that scaffold students to develop strategies to be self-regulated inquirers and staff improve capacity to provide student choice.