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Dr Jennifer Spoor Deputy Director, MBA Program, MBA

I am currently the Deputy Director of the MBA Program in the La Trobe Business School. I have been at La Trobe University since 2010, during which time I have been the Program Coordinator for both the Master of Management and the Higher Degree by Research program. I previously taught at the University of Queensland, Butler University (USA), and Purdue University (USA). My education and training is in applied social psychology and statistics, and I have a PhD and MS in social psychology from Purdue University.

My research is in the area of organisational behaviour and applied social psychology, focusing on group and intergroup processes. I have three main programs of research: (1) workplace diversity and inclusion, especially with respect to gender and disability; (2) moods and emotions in work groups; and (3) social identity theory. My current research projects focus on employment for individuals on the autism spectrum; neurodiversity employment programs; and improving organisational support for volunteers with a disability. I collaborate with organisations in the information and communications technology, government, sport, and not-for-profit sectors.


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