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Dr Jojo Wong Senior Lecturer Business Analytics, Accounting & Data Analytics

Jojo Wong obtained a PhD in Computer Science at Macquarie University in 2014. Prior to pursuing her PhD studies, Jojo was an assistant lecturer at the Malaysia campus of Monash University. Upon completing her PhD, she returned to the Malaysia campus and worked as a full-time lecturer. In early 2016, Jojo moved back to the Clayton campus of Monash University and continuing the same role as a lecturer for three years.

The primary research area of Jojo is in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), where her PhD focus was on Native Language Identification. The intuition that underlies her PhD research was that second language users tend to manifest certain types of grammatical errors that can be attributed to the influence of their native language in terms of syntactic constructions; and these errors can serve as predictive features for training a machine learner to identify the actual native language without human intervention. Her PhD work explored various NLP technologies and machine learning techniques (in particular topic modeling), as well as research in second language acquisition.

Jojo’s recent research investigates the potentials of NLP in the clinical domain, with particular interests in early detection of neurological diseases such as Dementia and aging-related diseases; as well as language disorders amongst children with and without neurological conditions. She is also interested in educational technology that could enhance the learning experience of students by exploring robotics and virtual reality.

Her research interests cover: Natural Language Processing, Native Language Identification, Second Language Learning, Language Disorders, Educational Technology


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