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Dr James Van Dyke Senior Lecturer, Pharmacy & Biomedical Sci

I am an integrative biologist and use a wide range of approaches to answer several key questions in animal biology, with applications to both humans and the environment.

1) How do animal reproductive strategies evolve and function in changing environments?
2) What physiological innovations have animals evolved to resist disease and how do these interact with reproduction to maximize animal fitness?
3) How do we apply knowledge of animal function to preventing their extinctions?

Please email me if you are interested in pursuing post-graduate or honours research on topics related to these questions.

Active Grants:
1) Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) Grant (2018)
Project Title: Monitoring, Evaluation and Research in the Edward-Wakool Selected Area
2019 to 2021
Funding Amount: $151,856 AUD
Coauthored with: Prof Robyn Watts, Dr Nicole McCasker, Dr Julia Howitt, et al., Charles Sturt University

2) Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (2016)
Project Title: The recovery of the imperilled Bellinger River Snapping Turtle, Myuchelys
Funding Amount: $16,000 USD
Coauthored with: PhD student Kristen Petrov and Assoc Prof Ricky Spencer, Western Sydney University


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