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Jack Wallace Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Aust Res Ctr Sex Hlth&Soc

My research looks at viral hepatitis as a phenomenon where the biomedical, social, economic and political intersect, and investigates how viral hepatitis affects individuals and communities and shapes social relations and social practices.

I have worked in community, government and research sectors seeking to reduce the personal and community impact of blood borne viruses, particularly viral hepatitis. I commenced research work with the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society in 2005 initially as a casual research assistant, and then as a full time research-only Research Officer and Research Fellow since 2007. My role prior to undertaking full time research work was establishing the national peak organisation representing people living with viral hepatitis, Hepatitis Australia where I was the Executive Officer between 1998 and 2005. My previous positions included managing a peer-based injecting drug user organisation in Queensland and as the Principal Program Advisor - Hepatitis C, for Queensland Health.

In my current position, I initiated a program of qualitative investigation of non-clinical perspectives of chronic hepatitis B. The projects since 2007 include as lead researcher for the National Hepatitis B Needs Assessment (Australia); A Situational Analysis of Chronic Hepatitis B in the Torres Strait; Investigating General Practice and Hepatitis B; the Hepatitis B Patient and Clinical Practice Survey; Asia Pacific Viral Hepatitis Policy Survey and Assessment: Taiwan, and a National Viral Hepatitis Needs Assessment (China - currently being completed). I am the lead investigator on a program of strategic hepatitis research funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and which incorporates several hepatitis B related activities including identifying best practice hepatitis B testing and contact tracing, investigating how clinical specialists understand and respond to cultural diversity, and a situational analysis of chronic hepatitis B within urban and rural Indigenous health services.


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