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Joshua Butler Graduate Researcher, Linguistics

Joshua is a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at La Trobe University.

His current project includes the creation of a corpus containing the extant Middle Cornish Corpus, both in the historical and contemporary forms of the language. This corpus will be the basis of the first English language grammar of the Middle Cornish period and will be designed to serve as a foundation from which further descriptive, documentary, and other pedagogical works may be developed for the Cornish community.

He hopes in future to further his interest in the digital humanities, archiving, and Celtic languages.

He obtained a BA (Hons) (H2A) from La Trobe University in 2017. His thesis focussed on the Initial Consonant Mutation in the Middle Cornish Text Bewnans Ke, highlighting the need for the creation of grammatical tools specific to the Middle Cornish period.

He tutors Linguistics at La Trobe University.

Johua also holds the position of the Post-Graduate student representative to various La Trobe University boards and to the Australian Linguistic Society


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