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Associate Professor John Morgan Associate Professor, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

We investigate the how and why of change in nature.

I am a plant community ecologist working at the interface of ecosystem, community and population biology. My goal is to apply the basic and applied science we do to the challenges of restoration, species invasion, and environmental change.

My research group and I work with a range of conservation groups, government agencies and land managers to provide evidence-based solutions that take into account biodiversity, ecosystem function, and management opportunities. We employ a combination of long-term monitoring and experimental approaches in settings that range from alpine grasslands to herb-rich woodlands to tropical savannas to semi-arid rangelands. Common themes in the Lab include regeneration niche dynamics, functional trait ecology, management of plant diversity, and non-linear and threshold dynamics.

We work towards an ecology that celebrates the interactions among biotic and abiotic dynamic phenomena, believes in the reciprocal interplay of basic theory and applied practice, and joins with diverse partners to solve the immense restoration and conservation challenges we face today.


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