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Dr Jeffrey Young Director, The Bouverie Centre, Bouverie Centre

Jeff Young is the Director of The Bouverie Centre: Victoria's Family Institute. He is a clinical psychologist and family therapist and has worked, published and presented in the area of Mental Health for over 25 years. Jeff has an interest in responsive and contextually compassionate health services. He has contributed to the development of Single Session Therapy and reflecting teams, understanding blame and conceptualizing change in chronic conditions. Jeff has actively supported the development of Indigenous family therapy training and state-wide rural drought counselling. Jeff has been the President of the Victorian Association of Family Therapists, President of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy and a member of the editorial committee for the Dulwich Centre Newsletter. He is currently on the advisory panel for the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy. Jeff developed No Bullshit Therapy which combines honesty and directness with warmth and care. He is married with two children who keep him from taking his family therapy theories too seriously.


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