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Professor John Zeleznikow Honorary Associate, Law Melbourne

John Zeleznikow was previously Professor of Information Systems at Victoria Business School, and Director of the Joseph Bell Centre for Forensic Statistics and Legal Reasoning at the University of Edinburgh Law School.

He has conducted research for 49 years, in Australia, USA, France, Netherlands, Israel, Scotland, Spain, Poland and Estonia. He has received over $A8,000,000 in research grants: from the Australian Research Council, European Union, Scottish Higher Education Funding Authority, French Scientific Council and Dutch Scientific Council. Twenty of his PHD students have graduated.

He has published four research monographs (including Cambridge University Press) and ninety-five refereed journal articles (including Harvard Negotiation Law Review) as well as over two hundred refereed conference articles and book chapters. He has performed pioneering research on using machine learning and game theory to support legal decision making,

In 1996, his Split-Up system, which used machine learning to predict the distribution of marital property following divorce, received international recognition when it was applied to the Divorce of Prince Charles and Lady Di. The London Daily Telegraph, in a front page article on July 4 1996, had as its headline 'Aussie Computer kind to Lady Di'.

In November 2005, his Family-Winner software, which assisted separating parents to negotiate their property disputes through the use of trade-offs won its heat of the ABC TV 'New Inventors' program.


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