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Dr Karen Harris Research Fellow, Biochemistry

Karen is a researcher with ten years of post-doctoral experience and currently holds a position as a project leader at the biotechnology company Hexima, located within the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS). Karen is an established member of the La Trobe University academic community, having completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies there. Karen's PhD research applied phage-display to the development of anti-malarial molecules. Karen has since diversified her expertise through her post-doctoral work at the Burnet Institute of Medical Research, investigating the role of platelet signalling in thrombus formation, and, on her return to LIMS, co-ordinating a project with the Malaria Vaccine Initiative to overcome diversity in a malarial vaccine candidate. In her current role, Karen is investigating the use of a newly identified peptide ligase for the production of clinically relevant circular peptides and long linear peptides. This technology can be applied at the lab bench and within a plant system, offering a greener solution to large scale pharmaceutical production. Karen balances her working life with a love of spending time with her young family and maintaining an active lifestyle.


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