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Dr Kelly Coca Honorary Associate, Judith Lumley Centre

Dr Kelly Coca is a nurse-midwife and consultant lactation IBCLC with a background in clinical practice, research and teaching. Kelly is a lecturer and researcher at the School of Nursing in Sao Paulo Federal University, Brazil, and completed her PhD in 2013. She is a Director of the Breastfeeding Centre and Bank of Human Milk at Sao Paulo University Hospital and has coordinated midwifery and lactation consultant residency programs at Sao Paulo Federal University for three years. Kelly is a postdoctoral researcher at the Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University this year. Her research areas of interest are nipple pain/damage and breastfeeding in high risk women. In this lunchtime seminar, Kelly will discuss the findings of a systematic review of nipple pain and measurement, findings from clinical trials for the treatment of nipple damage in breastfeeding women, and a proposal for a new trial of laser treatment.


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