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Dr Kiran Shinde Senior Lecturer, Planning

Kiran combines research training of an academic and professional practice of a planner with vast experience in different planning sectors across three countries (India, Australia, and Thailand). He has research interests in two broad areas: planning for multiculturalism in regional Australia and tourism development with a special focus on policy analysis and strategic management of destinations. He is widely published and has delivered talks at conferences in Canada, Turkey, Australia, Portugal, Singapore, the UK, and US.

He was awarded the coveted Asian Townscape Award in 2017 by UN-Habitat for his project on revitalization of a heritage bridge in Pune, India. His work experience ranges across multi-sectoral areas with international organizations including UNEP and Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre. He is also the Founder of Pune Biennale Foundation – a Not for Profit organization working in the field of urban aesthetics in India.

He is currently working on tourism consulting project in Asia for United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


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