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Associate Professor Kerstin Steiner Associate Professor, Law Melbourne

Dr. Kerstin Steiner is an Associate Professor and Director (International) at the Law School, La Trobe University.

She is an award winning researcher specialising in Southeast Asian legal studies researching at the intersection of law, politics, economics and society, especially with regard to Islam.

She is a Senior Associate at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS) and an Associate at the Asian Law Centre (ALC) both at the University of Melbourne in addition to being an Advisory Board Member of the The Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO). She has held numerous visiting positions at highly prestigious international organisations including at the Centre for Socio-legal Studies, Oxford University, Osaka University and was the first (female) non-Muslim visiting scholar at the Department of Shariah and Law, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya in 2009 and visited again in 2014.

She has presented her research extensively locally and internationally and been asked to give presentations and lectures at a range of prestigious national and international institutions.

She has provided media commentary (national and international radio and TV). Her media commentary includes:
- Interview on the Arrest of the Former Malaysian Prime Minister, BBC World News: Newsday, 4 July 2018
- Interview on 1MDB Scandal, ABC RN for Between the Lines with Tom Schwitzer, 6 October 2016.
- Interview on current issues in Islamic law, including Islamic tax as well as Islamic banking and finance in Malaysia. The interview aired on Vantage Point, a current affairs program, by Astro Awani, a leading Malasian TV station, on 9 October 2013.

She delivered expert advice to non-governmental institutions and her work was used and cited in reports to governments and institutions.

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