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Dr Keir Strickland Senior Lecturer Archaeology, Archaeology


After completing his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Bradford, Keir spent several years working in the British commercial archaeological sector – working on sites of every possible period across the UK and Ireland. However, after bailing out yet another near frozen trench he decided to return to academia, where it was warmer and there were chairs.

Following an immensely enjoyable fellowship at the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.), several field seasons spent crawling through dense jungle, and one unfortunate incident with a dugout canoe in a crocodile infested lake, he received his PhD from Durham University for an examination of the collapse of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, Sri Lanka. He subsequently worked as a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of the Highlands and Islands for several years, before joining La Trobe University in 2016. In addition to his work in Sri Lanka, and his commercial sector work, he has also excavated on sites across Nepal, Iran, Belize, and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.


Dr Strickland is interested in supervising students who wish to study for a PhD or MA by research in the following topics:

· Topics relating to the archaeologies of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruva periods of Sri Lanka. Including Buddhist monasticism, hydraulic landscapes, settlement patterns, urban archaeologies, and historical archaeologies.

· Topics relating to the archaeology of mediaeval Southern India - particularly the Chola Empire.

· Topics relating to the development, transformation, and "collapse" of complex societies (or "civilisations"). Particularly comparative studies and topics relating to terminal transformations of tropical low-denisty urban societies.

· Topics relating to the Early Historic period of the northern Gangetic plains (modern day India and Nepal).

· Topics relating to the wider Early Historic period of South Asia. Including settlement studies, material culture studies, settlement studies, and hydraulic landscapes.

· Topics relating to the archaeology of Buddhism - particularly within South Asia.


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