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Dr Katy Unwin Postdoctoral Researcher OTARC, Autism Research Centre

Dr Katy Unwin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow focussed on understanding sensory processing in autism in order to identify autism earlier and provide effective supports following diagnosis. Her interest in studying sensory processing in autism derives from the daily-life difficulties that sensory issues can cause, and the knock-on effect these difficulties can have on other autism symptoms (e.g. social interaction and communication).

Dr Unwin completed an Undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc Hons), a Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience (MSc), and a Doctorate in Psychology (PhD). Her PhD focussed on evaluating the effects of a commonly used sensory intervention for autistic children called a Multi-Sensory Environment. Her innovative work in this area has provided practitioners with information about how to use these specialised spaces for maximum benefit.


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