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Lindy Cameron Graduate Researcher, Sociology

Lindy is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Inquiry, with interdisciplinary interests across gender, sexuality and diversity studies, sociology, culture and media studies and feminist political science.

Lindy’s doctoral project uses feminist theory to interrogate responses to teenage girls who are opinionated, independent, have a clear sense of agency, and prominent public voices. She does this by examining media and social media responses to young female social justice activists; Gretta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and Emma Gonzalez. Her interest is in the use of [virtual] speech acts as a form of discipline against girls who are socio-political actors, the myriad ways they fight back and demand to be heard, and the social structures that create, enable and constrain these gendered struggles

Her first-class honours research was awarded as one of TASA’s top sociology students of 2019. This project analysed the homosocial performance of ‘laddish’ masculinity through the sexual consumption of women, as represented in the reality television show Geordie Shore.

Lindy’s interest in issues of social justice is informed by her background in the community sector, where she worked with young people experiencing homelessness. Her goal is to produce research that will have real world outcomes, particularly in the area of gender equality.


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