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Lyndel Kennedy Graduate Researcher, Autism Research Centre

Lyndel Kennedy is a PhD candidate within the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, psychology tutor, author, editor and mother of three, including two neurodiverse young adults.
Her PhD thesis "Factors contributing to higher education success for neurodiverse students" aims to discover the differences between neurodiverse students who succeed in higher education and those who do not, using quantitative and qualitative research methods, and ultimately to improve higher education experiences and completion rates for this important and growing student population.
She has been actively involved in the running of Aspergers Victoria for over 12 years, holding positions of president, vice president, board advisor, support group leader and technology coordinator. Her current positions include Events Coordinator and Young Adult Group Facilitator.
Lyndel has given over 40 talks on Aspergers and Autism, including presentations at the 2016 Melbourne Autism Expo, 2016 Aspect Autism in Education Conference, 2014 Victorian Autism Conference, and 2013 SAAIF Gippsland Autism Conference. Her book, 'The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers' (2012) is based on a collection of 15 case studies, examining the lived experience of Aspergers in the Australian context. She is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors.


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