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Dr Lindy Baxter Academic, Education

Lindy was conferred her PhD in June 2019 after completing her research in the School of Education at La Trobe University Bendigo. She secured an APA award and a scholarship from La Trobe University’s Transforming Human Societies focus area to support her studies. She currently researches in a cross-discipline project between the School of Education and La Trobe Rural Health School.

Lindy’s background is in education and her main research interest has been the educational experience of urban Indigenous students. Exploring the school experience of urban Indigenous primary school students, her MEd and PhD research culminated in five papers that contribute to the field of urban Indigenous education.

Lindy continues to research in the area of primary school education in a project that benefits from Lindy’s previous experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. The project attracted RFA funding and focuses on teachers using critical reflection to strengthen the student-teacher relationship and to improve learning outcomes for students who have experienced complex trauma.


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