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Dr Lindsay Carey Senior Lecturer, Palliative Care, Public Health

Dr. Carey is a Senior Lecturer with the Palliative Care Unit, in the School of Psychology and Public Health and Course Advisor for the Bachelor of Health Science Program, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. His teaching and research interests include public health and bioethics, palliative and pastoral care, religiosity and health, quantitative and qualitative research.

He first commenced tertiary teaching and research 30 years ago with the Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences (Melbourne) in 1989 and then with La Trobe University from June 1991 where he has now served either part-time or full-time for 29 years. During this time he has served as Research Fellow for the Caring for Caregivers Program (Victoria), Research Fellow with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Evaluation Program, Research Fellow at the Northern General Teaching Hospital Sheffield (NHS, UK) and National Principal Research Fellow with the Australian Health & Welfare Chaplains Association (AHWCA) during which time he was instrumental in promoting and assessing the World Health Organization 'Pastoral / Spiritual Intervention Codings'. Since 2008 Dr. Carey has been a Research Fellow within the Palliative Care Unit, La Trobe University where he continues to support research into palliative care.

In 2010 he was made an Honorary Scholar with the Centre of Spirituality, Theology and Health at Duke University (USA) and a Life Member of Spiritual Care Australia (Formerly the Australian Health & Welfare Chaplains Association: AHWCA). Dr. Carey has conducted or assisted with research and evaluations within a number of different contexts around Australia and New Zealand. He has also presented as a keynote speaker at seminars across Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and the United States. He is author of over 100 publications (both articles and book chapters) and is Editor-In-Chief of the international journal 'Health and Social Care Chaplaincy' (UK) and Editor-In-Chief of the 'Journal of Religion and Health' (USA) - the first Australian to be appointed an editor for either journal and the first in the world to hold both editor in chief positions concurrently. Dr. Carey was recognised within The Australian Research Magazine as a National Research 'Field Leader' for 2018 and 2019 in the area of 'Humanities, Arts and Literature' for his research into 'Religion' and its interconnection with Health and Well-being. Dr. Carey, along with his colleague, Timothy Hodgson (University of Queensland), was awarded the prestigious 'Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Award' for 2019 by the Australasian Military Medical Association for his exploratory research into Moral Injury and its effects upon the well-being of Australian military veterans. Having a strong interest in communication in palliative and end-of-life care, he is the Co-Founder and Secretary of the Speech-Language Pathology Palliative Care Special Interest Group (SLP-PalCare-SIG). He lectures in both undergraduate and postgraduate health science courses and enjoys supervising post-graduate students in public health, palliative care, bioethics, moral injury, and speech-language and hearing research.


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