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Laila Hugrass Research Officer, Psychology

Laila Hugrass’ main contributions to her research field have been in applying non-linear analyses to brain signals to understand the contributions from the afferent visual pathways to cortical visual processing. She has developed Matlab/Brainstorm analysis routines to enable automated extraction of temporally and spatially non-linear VEP kernels from multiple patches across the visual field. She has applied this approach to EEG and MEG data. In addition, Dr. Hugrass has studied the role of emotion and neurohormones, such as oxytocin, in shaping visual perception and conscious awareness.

In her current role in Professor Sheila Crewther's lab, Dr. Hugrass is working with a team of scientists using MEG, EEG, kinematics, eye-tracking, and TMS to study the neural mechanisms underlying visually guided action. In addition, she is working across a range of projects at La Trobe University, Australian Catholic University, and Swinburne University, with collaborators from the University of Western Ontario and UNSW.


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