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Dr Laila Hugrass Research Officer, Psychology

In her current role in Professor Sheila Crewther's lab, Dr. Hugrass is working with a team of scientists using MEG, EEG, kinematics, eye-tracking, and TMS to study the neural mechanisms underlying visually guided reaching and grasping for 3D objects. In addition, she is working across a range of projects at La Trobe University, Australian Catholic University, and Swinburne University, with collaborators from the University of Western Ontario and UNSW.

Recent awards
2018 - La Trobe University 30-Day Impact Challenge (Hugrass, Lamp & Murphy, supported by the La Trobe Research Culture Fund)
2018 - Understanding the role of visuo-attention in reading (Peters, Crewther, Bavin, Murphy Hugrass, supported by the Social Research Assistance Platform)


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