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Linda McAuliffe Research Fellow, AustCtrEvidBaseAgedCare

Linda McAuliffe is a Research Fellow with the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC), a research centre of the Australian Institute of Primary Care and Ageing, based at La Trobe University. She is also a registered psychologist. Her main research interests include the psychosocial health of older adults (including older adults with dementia) and their family caregivers. Linda also has a research profile in the areas of pain and dementia, and sexuality and older adults.

Over the past decade, Linda has contributed to contract research projects for government focused on improving the lives of older adults living in residential aged care. This included the validation of the quality indicators developed for use in Victorian residential aged care, which were subsequently rolled out nationally. She has also worked on a number of internally and externally funded projects, including: the development of the Pain in Older Adults Knowledge Survey (POAKS); investigating policies and practices regarding sexuality and sexual health in residential aged care; and exploring the process of proxy decision making for people with dementia.

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