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Dr Monna Ayad Academic, Dietetics & Human Nutrition

Dr. Monna Ayad is an Adjunct Research Fellow and Casual Lecturer at the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at La Trobe University. Dr. Ayad completed her PhD at the Department of Surgery, the University of Melbourne where her research focussed on the oxidation of anti-inflammatory proteins in the human lungs, the prevention and management of hereditary and cigarette smoke related lung disease(s).
Dr. Ayad is an emerging researcher in the area of human health and nutrition. Her main interest is focussed on using the Mediterranean diet, health and nutrition in the prevention and/or reducing the morbidity and mortality of CVD and diabetes.

Areas of interest:
Health and nutrition, concentrating on the Mediterranean and traditional diets for health and well being, the prevention and management of CVD and diabetes. Dr. Ayad has a theory that the Mediterranean diet, when adopted at a young age, may prevent diseases and promote healthy ageing and well being with the focus on olive oil and high antioxidant foods, such as pomegranate. Dr. Ayad is also, through her personal research and practice, interested in the topical use of olive oil and pure plant extracts, as strong antioxidants to promote healthy skin.