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Dr Michael Emmerling Lecturer, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

Lecturer and Subject Coordinator at La Trobe University, APSS (formerly Botany).
Portfolio Manager Biosciences with Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Bundoora.
Technical Service Specialist/Manager and Field Application Specialist with QIAGEN.
Senior Research Scientist with Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Bundoora, working on modification of forage and cereal crops to improve tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresse, and improve yield.
Post-doctoral fellow at La Trobe University, Agriculture, cloning midgut aminopeptidases from cotton bollworm and blowfly.
Post-doctoral fellow at University of Melbourne, PCBRC, working on hydroxyproline-rich cell wall proteins.
PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) from Universitat Tubingen, Botanik, Germany, working on plant cell wall analysis using carrot suspension cultures.


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