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Margaret Kirby Graduate Researcher, Theatre & Drama

I am currently researching for a Historical novel inspired by my family and professional history. John Washington Smith was an Irish born theatrical entrepreneur of International standing between 1834 and 1877. He was married to my great great aunt. Smith was based in the United States for twenty years before comping to Australia where he was based from 1857 to his death in 1877. Between 1861 and 1874 he took four unique performing troupes on tours throughout Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and the Philippines. He was closely associated with circus performance and minstrels troupes as both a performer and manager.
My own background as a playwright and as a circus performer and trainer is extensive and a strange coincidence. My experience has transformed from being the family freak to the family trow back.