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Associate Professor Melissa Graham Associate Professor, Public Health

Melissa Graham, BPH (Hons), GCHE, Grad Dip Epi Biostats, PhD is an Associate Professor of Public Health and the Course Coordinator for the Master of Public Health programs at La Trobe University. She teaches approaches to public health problems and supervisors honours, masters and PhD students.

She is the Deputy Director, Centre for Health through Action on Social Exclusion (CHASE), a multi-disciplinary research centre which works collaboratively to promote social inclusion, in the School of Health and Social Development, Faculty of Health at Deakin University.

Associate Professor Graham's research focuses on the exploration of the lives of women who do not have children, the role of policy on reproductive health, social support for reproductive decision-making, and consequent health and well-being. Her research is underpinned by concepts of social in/exclusion, gender, and equality.


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